• Saiwei big data: good business performance, bright future

    Saiwei is one of the professional intelligent system solution providers of * in China, which is positioned as the "overall solution provider for investment, construction and operation of big data center". Saiwei announced recently that Saiwei's big data business has achieved quite satisfactory re... <详细>

  • Beacon helps horizon to build artificial intelligence "China core"

    Recently, beacon and horizon robot (hereinafter referred to as horizon) reached a cooperation agreement. Horizon officially hosted the server in the big data base of beacon Xiangyun. Beacon assisted horizon in the operation and maintenance management of IT infrastructure, providing horizon with h... <详细>

  • Buffeting released 2018 big data report

    Based on the data of buffet platform in 2018, the report expounds the social value of buffet from product development, human expression, city image, traditional culture and other aspects. According to the report, in 2018, golden-haired dogs and short-haired cats were popular on the tremolo platfo... <详细>

  • Speeding up Legislation to Guarantee Citizens'Data Information Security

    "Just bought a new house, there will be decoration companies calling home", "search a product in the online shop, and then the reading page will constantly pop out of the advertisement of this kind of product"... This phenomenon has been encountered by almost every consumer. Although big data ana... <详细>