Speeding up Legislation to Guarantee Citizens'Data Information Security

"Just bought a new house, there will be decoration companies calling home", "search a product in the online shop, and then the reading page will constantly pop out of the advertisement of this kind of product"... This phenomenon has been encountered by almost every consumer. Although big data analysis can find customers more accurately for merchants, it also divulges users' privacy, disturbs people's daily life, and even divulges users' payment information, causing property losses. Zhang Jindong, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Suning Holding Group, paid close attention to this issue. He suggested speeding up legislation on data security, developing high-quality digital economy and effectively protecting citizens'data information security.

Zhang believes that with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the problem that data security cannot be effectively protected has reached the point where the whole society needs to pay attention to. "Lack of awareness of data protection, lag of relevant legislation", "lack of uniform norms and standards for management and sharing", "lack of effective international communication mechanism"... Faced with these problems, Zhang suggested speeding up the formulation of data security laws and regulations, supporting standards for security protection, building a protection technology system, formulating a sound legal system from the perspective of information collection, storage, processing, transmission, sharing, deletion and other life cycle management to ensure data security, and standardizing the whole chain of data collection, processing, circulation and application. Formulate data use standards and principles, and improve the efficiency of data use in the whole society.

As a leading brand of China's smart retail, Suning attaches great importance to data security in its daily operation, Zhang said. In order to protect the user's privacy information, Suning has built a comprehensive security protection system, which integrates physical security, network security, host security, data security, application security and security management, and further strengthens the security protection technology and security management level of e-commerce platform from the security compliance of the system. In addition, Suning also realizes the whole life cycle management of data from data collection, transmission, storage, processing, exchange, destruction and other aspects through the relevant technologies such as authority management, data encryption, data desensitization and data sharing, so as to effectively prevent the security risks in the era of big data.

"In terms of protecting data security, Internet leading enterprises should play a greater exemplary role and set a benchmark for the industry." Zhang Jindong hopes to give full play to the role of the market as the main body while strengthening the restriction of laws and regulations, vigorously promote the standards and models of data security operation management, and provide perfect information security guarantee for the economic and social development under the trend of consumption upgrading.