Saiwei big data: good business performance, bright future

Saiwei is one of the professional intelligent system solution providers of * in China, which is positioned as the "overall solution provider for investment, construction and operation of big data center". Saiwei announced recently that Saiwei's big data business has achieved quite satisfactory results in 2018. By the end of October, SAIC has successfully signed nearly 2 billion project orders for big data business unit. Among them, Beijing Jiuxianqiao big data project has started and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. In addition, the construction of data center computer rooms in Guangdong, Lianyungang, Inner Mongolia and other places is also under intense preparation...

At the beginning of this year, in order to implement the market-oriented R & D strategy and speed up the practical application and industrialization of new technologies, Saiwei intelligence set up three research institutes: Big Data Research Institute, artificial intelligence research institute and smart city research institute. Among them, big data research institute uses big data technology to research innovative solutions and operation modes of related problems in the company's business field. Other modes of operation are to obtain and accumulate data sources as a means to profit from data processing services.

In the three-year development plan, big data Research Institute pointed out that, on the one hand, the institute should develop a smart city big data platform with independent intellectual property rights and certain brand influence; on the other hand, it should focus on the research and development of key technologies of big data, and deeply integrate with game as the industry, while completing the deep integration of multiple big data technologies and game as the industry, it should realize one or two External promotion and wide application of typical large data products form 1-2 typical large data products, forming a number of prominent large data technology application software systems to achieve in-depth application. At the same time, actively participate in the application and implementation of national, provincial and municipal big data field topics, closely follow the technology development frontier, contrast with industrial policies, take vertical topics and horizontal business as the traction, vigorously carry out research and development innovation, train talent team, improve the technical strength of the research Institute, and expand the influence of the Research Institute.

These three aspects not only reflect the expectations of Saiwei's leaders for Big Data Research Institute, but also vigorously promote the continuous development of Big Data Business. Saiwei, the head of big data business, said that although our business is mainly based on storage and general contracting, with the establishment of the three research institutes and the expansion of business division, our business segment will continue to expand in the future. In the field of data center, the pre-construction of data room is only a temporary and one-time service, but the post-construction operation and maintenance management of data center is a stable and long-term income. Next, Saiwei will vigorously strengthen and gradually build a stable operation and maintenance team, expand the later operation and maintenance management mode of the existing data center project, and form an integrated investment design construction operation and maintenance service.

At present, Saiwei's smart big data business has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first tier cities, and its micro module data center ranks among the forefront of the country. In the next three years, the development of Saiwei as a big data sector needs internal and external repair. In addition to operation and special technology, it also emphasizes cooperation, technology and operation, and at the same time, establishes the signboard identity of professional operation as the industrial ecosystem participation, and improves the status of Saiwei as a big data in the industrial ecosystem with special core technology strength. At the same time, we should set up a project company, set up a data center and finance the project funds. After the completion of the construction of the data center, we should operate while securitizing.