Beacon helps horizon to build artificial intelligence "China core"

Recently, beacon and horizon robot (hereinafter referred to as horizon) reached a cooperation agreement. Horizon officially hosted the server in the big data base of beacon Xiangyun. Beacon assisted horizon in the operation and maintenance management of IT infrastructure, providing horizon with high-quality infrastructure service guarantee.

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, the high-tech industrial park of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the Fenghuo Xiangyun big data base is located, has been committed to building the layout of artificial intelligence industry, which is also the real "important town" of artificial intelligence industry. At present, it has gathered more than 60 well-known artificial intelligence enterprises and institutions at home and abroad. Horizon is the leader of new AI enterprises in the park and the field in recent years, and has a good development momentum in the industry. This cooperation with horizon provides a strong guarantee for further building the artificial intelligence industry in the park in terms of Internet infrastructure.

Nanjing horizon is the second largest R & D center of horizon robot. It has a very high standard for IDC room construction. In the early stage, it has made a detailed investigation and survey in several data centers in Nanjing. It has a great impact on the power supply, infrastructure redundancy, physical isolation of the computer room, stability of network lines and value-added services provided by IDC data center. Constant stringent requirements.

In response to the above requirements, Fenghuo delivered a very satisfactory answer sheet to the customer. The construction level of Fenghuo Xiangyun data is national standard a, the power supply comes from East China first-class power grid, and the power quality is in the leading position in many data centers in Nanjing; the equipment in the core functional area adopts international first-line brand products, redundant backup configuration; the data center provides full route independent optical fiber tube. Well, to ensure redundancy and reduce the probability of business interruption caused by external causes; communication system access of multiple operators meets the data communication needs of customers; network technology team provides customers with a series of value-added services, such as parts replacement, comprehensive wiring, hardware inspection, etc., to fully and high-quality meet the operation and maintenance management needs of customers.

The cooperation between the beacon fire and the horizon not only marks that the technical force of the beacon fire Xiangyun big data base has been recognized by the advanced AI enterprises at home and abroad, but also marks that the beacon fire has taken an important step in the process of implementing and promoting the development of domestic independent and controllable technology.