Buffeting released 2018 big data report

Based on the data of buffet platform in 2018, the report expounds the social value of buffet from product development, human expression, city image, traditional culture and other aspects. According to the report, in 2018, golden-haired dogs and short-haired cats were popular on the tremolo platform; Little Star and gesture dance were popular music and dance of the year respectively; and painting and calligraphy were popular categories in traditional culture.

When it comes to Golden Hair, the words that pop up in our minds must be clever, sensible and warm men, because Golden Hair is a smart dog compared with other dogs. For example, the @ golden egg yolk on the shaking sound has attracted 16.95 million fans and 150 million praise. In the video, the host will put on good-looking clothes for Jinmao, eat with Jinmao, play with Jinmao, shoot short plays together, and understand the host's mind very well. It's the real online red cute pet on the shaking sound. Each video can get more than 200000 points of praise, which is extremely popular.

The British short haired cat is round in shape and appearance, with short and developed limbs, short and dense hair, big head and round face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, very lovely. It has a strong adaptability and is a good cat at home. In the video, they are very close to the host and sleep on the host. They can cure all the unhappiness of the host and netizens.

In addition, the report found that the "three screen" sticker, which can instantly divide the screen into three parts, was the one with high usage in 2018, followed by white kittens and rain control. There are three stickers related to animals in the top 10, namely, white kitten, Jingying meow and shenfan dog. It can also be seen that people love pets. We find the innocence of life in the interaction between cats and dogs.