Xinhua 3 releases new network strategy and products

On April 20, the 2019navigate summit ended in Chongqing. Faced with the rapid growth of data traffic and the iterative innovation of network technology, Xinhua III released a new digital connection solution AD-NET 5.0 at this summit. At the same time, it launched a series of technical architectures and innovative products, such as SNA Prophet Network Architecture, SeerBlade High-Power Network Module, etc. It integrates and innovates artificial intelligence, big data analysis, cloud computing and other technologies to enable network intelligence. To build a new digital age of "All Things Intelligent Union".

New upgrading of ad-net strategy, accelerating intelligent connection and driving intelligent future

In the report on the work of the government made by the central government at the two sessions in 2019, it was proposed that "build an industrial Internet platform, expand 'intelligence +' and empower the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry". To realize transformation and upgrading from "Internet +" to "intelligence +", we need to realize the evolution and breakthroughs of ICT infrastructure, and build the foundation of industrial development of all things. As a leader in digital solutions and network transformation, xinhuansan, relying on its advanced technical strength and industry-wide experience in the network field, enables intelligent connection with "cloud sharing" mode, enables upper business with intelligent connection, realizes intelligent connection, upper business awareness and collaborative innovation, and helps customers realize business value.

On the spot of the summit, xinhuansan released the ad-net 5.0 strategy to help enterprises realize digital transformation and build a smart future with an overall and end-to-end intelligent connection. In the digital connection sub forum themed with "smart connection, draw the future", Bi Shouwen, vice president of Xinhua three group and President of network product line, said: "Xinhua three will integrate artificial intelligence technology, big data analysis technology and cloud computing technology, advocate ABC2 mode and concept, build an intelligent network that everyone is me, I am everyone's global full-scale panorama, and let different enterprises Institutions can enjoy the dividend of the development and evolution of network intelligence. "

Bi Shouwen, Vice President of Network Product Line of Xinhua III Group, delivered a speech and delivered a keynote speech.

SNA prophet network architecture release, build a powerful engine of network intelligence

Xinhua 3 released a new generation of intelligent network platform SNA prophet network architecture for AI at this summit. This architecture includes snacenter, SDN controller seerengine and seer analyzer. Through AI sharing enablers, network data analysis, cloud original production platform, full life cycle management, integration and open six technical values, the construction of an intelligent network centered on user experience is realized to meet the needs of user business development and innovation.

In the network architecture of SNA prophet, Xinhua III has created a new mode of AI network management with AI enabled network management and operation and maintenance. Among them, data collection and analysis, deployment of robots and AI support constitute the action basis of AI network, and Trinity creates a more intelligent and reliable network support system. At the same time, SNA helps Xinhua III to cover the whole life cycle of digital service capabilities of enterprises, driving the whole process of network construction, the whole scene of intelligence, and building a new era of network of All Things Intelligent Union.

Xinhuansan has three core capabilities of AI original unified architecture, aiinside intelligent hardware and new cloud sharing ecology, which can provide one-stop service and guarantee for intelligent connection. As the leader of digital solutions, Xinhua III will follow the trend of technological development, promote the innovation and transformation of network technology, achieve customer value by intelligent connection, and enable the future by intelligent connection.