What security issues and challenges does big data face?

With the rapid improvement of social, economic and technological level, people have more demands for their own health management, and the development and application of big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies provide a new way for health management. Through the application of big data analysis, it is a new trend of health management services in the future to promote the integrated health services of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health management covering the whole life cycle.

With the huge market demand and technological progress, more and more enterprises are engaged in the blue ocean of intelligent health industry. Beijing Kangjia Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kangjia technology") is an enterprise developing health monitoring equipment and health management system, in which intelligent hardware technology and big data technology play an important role.

Intelligent devices collect health data

According to the person in charge of kanga technology, the application process of big data technology in the field of health management is to collect data through health detection equipment, process and analyze the data, * and finally provide users with a correct health management plan.

For kanga technology, the hardware equipment of intelligent screening robot is an important entrance for health data collection. Intelligent screening robot collects health data of users through intelligent chips and sensors.

In the field of intelligent detection chip and sensor technology, Kanga Science and Technology independently developed the core algorithms of tongue diagnosis, interrogation, pulse diagnosis and face-to-face diagnosis, and developed an intelligent expert-assisted diagnosis system based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and modern published scientific literature, as well as sample data. AI brain through the continuous data accumulation of diagnosis cases, continuous training and learning, absorbing the diagnostic ability of national famous doctors and experts.

End, management and cloud core technologies support each other

The core technologies of Kangjia technology are divided into three categories: end, management and cloud. First, the end is mainly embodied in intelligent hardware and mobile app, which are used to connect users and doctors; management is mainly embodied in the operation management platform supported by equipment management, data management and business model; cloud technology is divided into two categories, one is big data analysis and storage, the other is various intelligent algorithm open API.

Kanga technology intelligent hardware adopts modern intelligent chips and sensors, and forms the evaluation model of human sub-health status through big data artificial intelligence analysis, so as to realize low-cost and high-frequency inclusive public health screening services. Kanga technology stores health assessment reports in the cloud, which can be pushed to users in real time.

It is reported that at present, Kangjia technology's intelligent screening robots are mainly used in insurance, health care, community and other places, and the recommended health screening cycle is half a month or once a month, which largely solves the problem of national health statistics.

Provide personalized health report

According to the person in charge of Kangjia technology, Kangjia intelligent screening robot will collect the biological data related to human body, make periodic health status assessment through cloud big data operation and intelligent analysis, give users personalized health suggestions, and form exclusive personalized health reports and personal health files. Users adhere to long-term, regular screening, can achieve continuous data monitoring, fully grasp their own health trends, and can develop good habits.

As people pay more and more attention to their health, the traditional health management has been difficult to meet the needs. People then turn to new technology products supported by big data and artificial intelligence. Since the intelligent screening robot of Conca Technology entered the market development stage in 2017, its market share has increased steadily. In August 2018, Kangjia technology's health screening test and service entered the service part of the "smart health pension products and services promotion catalogue (2018 version)" jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of civil affairs and the national health and Health Commission.

In July 2017, the State Council issued the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan, which clearly proposed to speed up the innovation and application of artificial intelligence and provide personalized, diversified and high-quality services for the public around the urgent needs of people's livelihood such as education, medical care and pension. Driven by national policies and technologies, intelligent health system based on national health informatization and health care big data is forming, and health industry will take big data express forward.