What did Red Mai say about the big data in the media?

With the development of Internet application technology, the traditional media has changed from "self endangering" in the beginning of the * era to "fetching" and then to "no separation" in the face of the impact of new media. Media convergence has become the development trend of mainstream media. In the era of media convergence, the living environment of government departments and Internet enterprises and the way to deal with crisis public opinion have also changed. How to deal with the complex and changeable public opinion situation has become a new topic under the weak situation of media resources and coping costs.

Based on this, red wheat's big data solution for media integration is to analyze the hot spots of current affairs and public opinions on the whole media platform with the help of big data, open up the public opinion field of mainstream media dominated by traditional media and commercial public opinions carried by the network, achieve a new form of crisis response and quantitative communication management, and bring excellent social repercussions.

Red Mai's financial media big data system supports millions of domestic websites, real-time monitoring of platform information such as main search engines, thousands of apps, electronic newspapers, local websites from the media, and subdivides the functional framework of management layer, application layer, analysis layer, data layer and acquisition layer. For the internal management system of APP, Wechat platform, visual screen and customers, Red Mai can provide professional services such as material management, intelligent error correction, manuscript review, comment monitoring, communication analysis, staff assessment, visual screen, etc.

According to the different pain points of government units and Internet enterprises, red wheat's big data solution of financial media focuses on subdividing the special functions of each platform, providing a set of closed-loop crisis response services for government and enterprise customers, from problem prevention, problem discovery to problem solving and feedback effect.

In view of the problems faced by the party and government organs, public institutions, state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises, such as the difficulty in meeting the needs of the conventional public opinion system, the isolated information island in the self owned media collection and editing operation, and the difficulty in integrating new media and public opinion situation management, red wheat's financial media big data platform provides a series of solutions, focusing on the layout of the following major areas:

Integrate government public opinion and self owned media management, * time to obtain public opinion hot spots and livelihood trends of the whole network;

Get rid of the traditional mode based on single keyword monitoring, built-in Regional Radar + issue sniffing plate, to provide a convenient way to meet the monitoring needs of various departments;

The website hijacking detection can be carried out for the designated government affairs webpage, and the webpage hijacking alarm can be sent out at * time;

According to the different needs of customers for public opinion report, the public opinion report can be produced automatically, which is convenient for all departments at all levels to circulate and use, and for the leadership to examine and approve.

The external expansion interfaces of TV monitoring, broadcast monitoring, local offline media monitoring and other platforms shall be reserved.

On the other hand, in view of the difficulties of various media matrices, low operation efficiency, difficult cross platform integration and lack of authority management in Internet enterprises, red wheat's media platform focuses on the integration of internal media resources to improve the efficiency of collection, editing and communication; building and improving the management authority system, accurately splitting the cross nodes of personnel at all levels; establishing evaluation system, cross platform integration. Work data and performance appraisal of subordinates are clear at a glance. *Finally, the hot spot information collection of the whole network is more targeted, guidance and communication are more reliable, and crisis response is more efficient.

"In the latent period of crisis, we should improve the mechanism of crisis monitoring and warning under the environment of financial media; in the period of crisis occurrence and spread, we should enhance the ability of crisis public relations to utilize the public opinion drainage of financial media; in the period of crisis resolution and recovery, we should improve the offline supporting measures of financial media platform and rebuild the healthy image." This is the service attitude and professional standard for red wheat to build a big data marketing service platform and construct a media public opinion pattern. Red wheat will continue to work hard, adhering to the "focus, professional" service attitude, and continue to provide new and old customers with product services.