Data cloud of Shuowen Jiezi Star Ring Technology

To put it bluntly, the concept of data cloud was first proposed by star ring technology. Its concept started from big data cloudization, but the essential thinking came from the change of enterprise application system construction thinking. When enterprises love big data, they usually follow the route of "data unification, data asset, data business and data ecology". In these four stages, the recognition of data value of enterprises gradually rises from resources and assets to means of production and investment capital.

This is the analogy. *In order to expand o2o mode, catering enterprises need to find out the background of their home, check the working capital and fixed assets one by one, and invest in the construction of online marketing system, customer management system, member service system, etc. Since then, we have made great efforts to explore o2o model for several years. In order to further expand its influence, * catering enterprises began to recruit chain partners, and uniformly output business brands, ingredients formulas, management experience, logistics and distribution services.

In other words, the stage of asset inventory is data unification, the stage of building application system is data capitalization, the stage of self-supporting o2o business is data commercialization, and the stage of recruiting chain and franchise partners is data ecology. For example, the financial industry * has paid attention to data value for a long time. It accesses internal and external data of the enterprise, establishes a data lake, and innovates business products based on the data lake.

However, the establishment of CMB yunchuang, Minsheng technology, BOC Jinke and a number of financial technology companies marks the transition of large banks from "data business" stage to "data ecology" stage, which has settled mature data-driven business methodology and started to export data services.

Joke, IOE, Tradition

Continue to expand the topic. 20 years ago, "SUN server +Oracle database +EMC storage + website application +3 PPT" can raise $50 million, which is the classic "joke" in the era of Internet bubble. But it also reflects the classic ICT infrastructure around 2000.

Around 2008, the concept of "de IOE" began to appear in the IT industry, whose essence is to replace the traditional IT architecture with cloud computing system. In 2013, the application of big data came to the ground gradually, and then the concepts of microservice and Devops emerged. The former represents the development of data management technology, and the latter represents the evolution of application development technology.

That is to say, although the concept of cloud computing has just appeared for 10 years, it has also been classified as "traditional". When the enterprise needs to shorten the application system online cycle from 12 months to 1 month; when the enterprise application system increases from 10 to 100; when the enterprise application system visits from 100 to 10,000 times per minute; when the business model of the enterprise extends from B2B to B2B2C. The traditional application development mode without unified planning has been unable to meet its needs, and the traditional cloud computing architecture has been unable to support.

The rudiment of data cloud is the background of the emergence of "data cloud". Briefly speaking, the data trapped in the isolated island can not give full play to its value. The development mode of focusing on single application only appears capricious and costly. And time goes back to a year ago. In 2018, star ring technology officially released the transwarp data cloud (TDC), which was initially defined as the star ring big data cloud platform, hereafter referred to as "data cloud".

In fact, when star ring technology released tdh5.0 earlier, it could see the prototype of data cloud. TDH5.0 is an epoch-making product of Xinghuan Science and Technology. It Introduces Revolutionary multi-tenant resource management technology. The bottom layer realizes full container and micro-service. Large data platform can be flexibly deployed in public cloud, private cloud or traditional IT architecture.

That is to say, big data is no longer an island-like private platform. All big data services can be applied for by one key, no matter the enterprise management decision-making level, the front-line business department, the group headquarters or the provincial branches. As a result, application scenarios are further expanded, and data and applications are opened.

It should be said that at this stage, star ring technology's TCOS container operating system (TCOS) is concerned. In fact, as early as 2014, star ring technology started container technology research and development, "choose 'container and k8s' technology to reconstruct the basic cloud platform, rather than virtualization, the answer is that the performance of the container is better." Liu Wanggen, director of research and development of Starlink technology, said: "container enterprises do not pay attention to the combination with distributed database and distributed AI platform, so Starlink technology must develop its own container operating system."