Large number of financial companies deeply cultivate small and micro credit

With the continuous development of financial industry and science and technology, science and technology has profoundly changed the financial industry, and is increasingly closely integrated with the financial industry. The rise of many fintech companies has brought changes to financial businesses in different fields.

Deeply cultivating most of the finance in the field of micro-credit, and empowering banking institutions with the first "third generation micro-credit technology", many financial and technological companies stand out and lead the small micro-track.

Most financial "third generation micro-credit technology" takes the methodology of "data-driven risk management" as the core, combines the leading credit factory model, with the help of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other * technologies, the wind control technology runs through the whole process of loans, improves efficiency, controls costs, and can empower banks and other funds from many aspects, such as customer acquisition, operation, risk, products, etc. Financial institutions, for more small and micro owners to help, facilitate the majority of customers with financial services needs. It also plays an important role in promoting the innovation and upgrading of the third generation small and micro loan technology, as well as establishing a more mature risk control technology system. With its advanced technology, big finance stands out among many financial institutions and continues to be one of the institutions chosen by small and micro owners.

The so-called credit factory technology refers to the way of drawing lessons from the traditional manufacturing assembly line to streamline the credit process and carry out division and cooperation. With the help of big data, artificial intelligence and other * technologies, risk control technology can run through the whole process, achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and controlling costs, achieve rapid volume, scale approval, bring scale benefits to small and micro credit business of banks and other institutions, at the same time, it can also bring quick and convenient credit services to small and micro owners, and truly achieve Inclusive Finance.

In the past, small and micro enterprise customer groups may need to prepare a lot of materials to complete large amount of loans. Moreover, traditional banks provide a lot of loan products and services with high threshold, which can not solve the actual demands of small and micro enterprise customer groups. For banking institutions, small and micro enterprises are small in scale, without standardized financial statements and high-quality assets as collateral, so banks can not control their risks. Therefore, for a long time, small and micro credit business without guarantee and large amount, banks lack the impetus to carry out.

Now, through the large amount of time loan service provided by large amount of finance, and connecting with the customer groups of banks and small and micro enterprises, more small and micro users can enjoy lighter, simpler and lower threshold loan business, and enjoy the benefits of Inclusive Finance. While banks get income from small and micro businesses, they can also promote financial services to the real economy and promote the healthy development of the financial industry.

Since its establishment, digital Inclusive Finance has always been the focus of enterprise development. Its strong strength has further guaranteed the service effect and solved the financing problems of small and micro enterprises and ordinary working class.